St. Mary’s Law Journal

Volume 49 Number 1 – Sneak Peek!

Reforming Military Justice: An Analysis of the Military Justice Act of 2016
David A. Schlueter

Volume 48 Number 4

The “Post-Production Costs” Issue in Texas and Louisiana: Implications for the Fate of Implied Covenants and Pro-Lessor Clauses in the Shale Era Oil and Gas Lease
Laura H. Burney

The Executive Right to Lease After KCM Financial LLC v. Bradshaw and a Louisiana Solution to a Texas Problem
Christopher S. Kulander

Pipe(line) Dreams Post-Denbury Green
Nicholas Laurent
Christopher Oddo

Covenants Running with the Land
Michael P. Pearson

“TX Rice v. Denbury”
Thomas Alan Zabel

Force Majeure: How Lessees Can Save Their Leases While the War on Fracking Rages On
Allison R. Ebanks

Volume 48 Number 3

The “English” Rule—It Ain’t English, and Ought Not to be American
Timothy M. Mulligan

A New Remedy for Junk Science: Article 11.073 and Texas’s Response to the Changing Landscape in the Forensic Sciences
Trevor Rosson

No Appropriation Without Compensation: How Per Se Takings of Personal Property Check the Power to Regulate Commerce
William Sumner Macdaniel

The Demise of Anti-Panhandling Laws in America
Katie Pilgram Neidig

United States v. McIntosh: Ninth Circuit Limits Federal Prosecutors from Spending to Enforce Marijuana Laws in Medicinal States
Daniel Haley

The Exclusionary Rule and the Dueling Legacies of Utah v. Strieff: Which Will Be Suppressed?
Marcos Herrera

Volume 48 Number 1

In Memory of Thomas Bowman Black (1928-2016), Professor of Law, St. Mary’s University School of Law (1974-1988)
David Dittfurth

Time to Repair the Chain: Void Deeds, Subsequent Purchasers, and the Texas Recording Statutes
Richard E. Flint

Interlocutory Appeals in Texas: A History
Elizabeth Lee Thompson

Fourth Amendment Implications of Police-Worn Body Cameras
Erik Nielsen

Filming the Police: An Interference or a Public Service
Aracely Rodman

Volume 47 Number 4

A Law and Economics Analysis of the Duty of Utmost Good Faith (Uberrimae Fidei) in Marine Insurance Law for Protection and Indemnity Clubs
Elizabeth Germano

When Fantasy Becomes Reality: Attempts to Regulate the Highly Unregulated Daily Fantasy Sports Industry
Garrett Greene

The Admissibility of Aerial Photographs—Evidentiary Foundations
Kristofer R. Hufstetler

Texas’s Excessive Demand Doctrine Impacts Recoveries in Litigation
Stephanie M. Green

Use It or Lose It: Grappling with Classification of Post-petition Sale Proceeds Under Chapter Seven Bankruptcy for Consumer Debtors in the Lone Star State
Danielle Nicole Rushing

Volume 47 Number 3

Bridge Over Troubled Waters: Resolving the Rio Grande (Rio Bravo) Water Dispute
Ruben R. Barrera
Dan A. Naranjo

The Ethics of Inter Partes Review Before the Uspto
Dorian Ojemen

Suppressing The Truth: States’ Purposeful Violation of The Right to No Cruel or Unusual Punishment in Lethal Injection Executions
Nadine G. Rodriguez

Ford V. State: Texas Forces a Resolution in the Cell Site Location Information Debate
Brandon J. Grable

Volume 47 Number 2

Compensation Forfeiture: Stacking Remedies Against Disloyal Agents and Employees
George P. Roach

Call to the Texas Legislature: The Franchise Tax Needs Substantive Changes, Not Just Rate Reductions
Alyson Outenreath

Texas Inventory Tax: Appraisal Districts’ Misunderstanding of the Law Causing Texas Retailers to Pay the Price
Timothy Johnson

Employee Recourses to Manager-Revealed Private Health Information
Molly Thomson

Volume 47 Number 1

Professor Aloysius A. Leopold: An Extraordinary Man
Gerry W. Beyer

The Ancient Magna Carta and the Modern Rule of Law: 1215 to 2015
Vincent R. Johnson

Lincoln v. The Proslavery Constitution: How a Railroad Lawyer’s Constitutional Theory Made Him the Great Emancipator
Paul Finkelman

The Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 and the End of Reconstruction
Andrew Buttaro

A Constitutional Amendment Allowing Broader Campaign-Finance Reform Would Not Criminalize Political Satire
Christopher W. Bell

Resolving Drug Manufacturer Liability for Generic Drug Warning Label Defects
Frank Scaglione

Volume 46 Number 4

Volume 46 Number 2